Testosterone Cypionate is very popular and almost competes with Testosterone Enanthate. However, as mentioned earlier, Testosterone Cypionate is a cheaper esterified version of Testosterone than Testosterone Enanthate among US anabolic steroid users. While it is nearly as popular with American steroid users today, it was even more popular in the past. Today, the use of testosterone cypionate and testosterone enanthate among American bodybuilders and athletes appears to have reached almost the same level.

Testosterone in any form is always the first anabolic steroid application in the anabolic steroid world for beginners and newbies. In particular, Testosterone Cypionate is very popular for this purpose because of its longer half-life and slower release, providing a much more convenient schedule for injecting testosterone cypionate doses. This is because the vast majority of beginners and newbies are often intimidated by the concept of frequent injections. Testosterone enanthate is also popular with anabolic steroid beginners for the same reasons.

A wonderful course of Testosterone Cypionate steroid use

Medical dosage of Testosterone Cypionate

Medical guidelines have been established for dosing testosterone cypionate in adult males with androgen deficiency (hypogonadism and andropause) from 50 to 400 mg once every 2 to 4 months. Week. The specific dose always depends on the individual and the amount of testosterone cypionate needed to normalize human testosterone levels. This is usually determined by blood tests and doctor’s recommendations.

Dosage description and caps test

Testosterone Cypionate injections should be given at least once a week to improve productivity. Experienced or more advanced steroid users may inject themselves more frequently, but this will largely depend on their individual goals and tolerance for the steroid and each steroid. However, this is why this steroid should be injected more than once a week to maintain blood levels. As with most anabolic steroids, the more you take, the better the performance after the cycle.

Testosterone Cypionate use is very rare among female anabolic steroid users as it is a powerful androgenic compound and virilizing symptoms are common and occur very quickly. As such, Testosterone Cypionate is not recommended for use in women and there is very limited data on its dosing practices.

For actual doses of Testosterone Cypionate, injections can range from 200 mg weekly to 1000 mg or more weekly. The dose is not the same for everyone. People are usually injected with 400 to 600 mg per week for immediate and effective results. They say it is an effective dose. Another factor to keep in mind when planning your weekly Testosterone Cypionate dose is the length of the steroid cycle, as well as other steroids (oral and injectable) that fall into the Test Cypionate class.

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Dosage description and caps test

Considering the length of the Testosterone Cypionate cycle, you should consider other steroids used during the cycle. This also applies to women who choose to use Testosterone Cypionate. While most men hate women taking steroids, they can do important things for a woman’s body.

The solo course of taking Testosterone Cypionate and in combination

You need to plan your steroid properly to see results and minimize the risk of side effects.

It is recommended to use this anabolic substance in a dose of 250-500 mg no more than 1-2 times a week. After completing the PCT course, it is mandatory to obtain the restorative drugs Clomid and Tamoxifen at the steroid delivery stage. They are known to all professionals and can perform their tasks perfectly.
Professionals can use cypionate with any AAS to develop a combined course with a personal trainer, physician, or freelancer. The combination of the steroid with Boldenone proved to be good in practice, it is popular not only among bodybuilders who are constantly improving their figure. Cypionate is added to it twice a week in a dose of 500 mg and Boldenone – not more than 400 mg and also twice.

For experienced athletes, the course of Testosterone Cypionate and Trenbolone Enanthate is suitable, where the first drug is administered at 500 mg twice a week and the second time at a dose of 100-300 mg due to long-term effects. For those switching to trenbolone for the first time, a minimum starting dose of 100 mg is recommended.

Another great lesson is building a small amount of quality muscle. In addition to cypionate, you should buy stanozolol and not take more than 40 mg.

Professional athletes can take a maximum of 3 medications in the course. Examples of such complexes are testosterone cypionate, stanozolol and nandrolone decanoate. Each steroid has its own properties and functions, and when used together, it makes every athlete more pumpable, stronger, more durable and more confident.

Dosage for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced

Testosterone cypionate doses are usually varied in three application levels (beginner, intermediate and advanced) to strengthen the physique and improve performance. Testosterone cypionate doses should also be administered at least weekly and ideally twice a week, with each injection spaced evenly. This differs significantly from the doctor’s prescription, but when it comes to physical improvement and performance enhancement, the treatment plan must be handled differently. Starting doses of Testosterone Cypionate range from 300 to 500mg per week, and even at the low end of that range any beginner should see impressive progress towards a new use. Average doses of testosterone cypionate range from 500 to 700 mg per week; However, the average user should never risk more than 500 mg per week. It should always be borne in mind that increasing the dose will produce more and more side effects. This leads to the next important point before describing high doses of testosterone cypionate. This explains why higher doses and overdoses are not an advanced definition of an anabolic steroid user. Here, too, increased doses correlate with an increased occurrence of side effects. However, high doses of Testosterone Cypionate should never require an increase above the average range, but for some experienced users it can be as high as 700-1000mg per week or more.

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Overdoses are largely unnecessary (and can be used with all anabolic steroids, not just testosterone cypionate). However, many bodybuilders can use high doses of testosterone cypionate. However, this was common in the early 90’s when Testosterone Cypionate was known to be very cheap and easy to find in the market. This attitude is much easier to take when 20 years ago the average price for a 10ml bottle of testosterone cypionate was 80% cheaper than today. In general, mega dosing with Testosterone Cypionate or any other anabolic steroid is very ineffective.

Dosage for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced

Proper control and timing of Testosterone Cypionate dosage

The half-life of testosterone cypionate is approximately 12 days. Testosterone doses of Cypionate should therefore only be administered twice a week, with each injection spaced evenly. For example, if someone wants to use 500mg per week, the dosing protocol calls for a 250mg injection on Monday, followed by a 250mg injection on Thursday. While weekly injections usually work, they are much less effective and cause unstable plasma levels with sudden, rapid rises and falls. The result is often pronounced side effects and less effective progress.

Bodybuilding with testosterone cypionate doses

The target weekly dosage of Testosterone Cypionate is 300-1000mg per week. Again, I recommend not to exceed 500-600 mg. That’s too much. The frequency of injections (until you learn to treat this point individually) is one to two milliliters every three or four days. Depending on the concentration of the substance at a specific manufacturer.

Testosterone Cypionate taking cycle for bodybuilding

The average single dose is 250 to 500 mg per week for muscle building. The drug gives good results if you pass the “solo course”. Practice shows that doses above 800-1000 mg do not give better results and the risk of side effects increases sharply.

Tamoxifen (10 mg daily, starting from the second week of the cycle and ending 2 weeks after testosterone discontinuation).

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If the course lasts more than 4 weeks, it is necessary to use Gonadotropin 500 IU once a week for the otolaryngologist.

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Testosterone Cypionate Dose to build muscle

Since we plan to use the steroid for 1.5 months, there will be no problems with the HH axis. The ideal choice for amateur bodybuilders is the classic course of Testosterone Cypionate – two injections of 250 milligrams a week. In this amount, the drug certainly does not cause serious side effects.

We also recommend choosing Anastrozole as an aromatase inhibitor. It is a new drug that can quickly reduce the levels of female sex hormones. Start this course on day 14. One dose of antiestrogen is 0.5 milligrams and should be taken every 2 or 3 days.

PCT should be started two weeks after the last Cypionate injection. This time is enough to use most steroid metabolites. The duration of rehabilitation treatment is 21 days. During this time, take 50 milligrams of Clomid daily. You can take a daily dose of 20 milligrams of tamoxifen instead of antiestrogen. These drugs have similar efficacy.

Testosterone Cypionate Dose to build muscle

Communication with other AAS

Testosterone Cypionate Dosage for Bodybuilding Like any other ether, Testosterone Cypionate may be the only anabolic hormone in your cycle. And can be combined:

  • Nandrolone (200-400 mg weekly),
  • Trenbolone (200-400 mg weekly),
  • Boldenone (600-800 mg weekly)
  • Methenolone enanthate (primobolan) (600 – 800 mg weekly)
  • Methandrostenolone (30-50 mg daily)
  • Oxymetholone (50-100 mg daily).

Aromatase inhibitors (anastrozole / letrozole) are required for co-administration with cypionate. About steroids:

  • Stanozolol (50-100 mg daily),
  • Trenbolone acetate (50-100 mg every other day),
  • Drostanol Propionate (100 mg every other day)
  • Mesterolone (Proviron) (50-100 mg daily).

Excess fluid retention (unusual), use AI (aromatase inhibitors) (anastrozole / letrozole).

Cypionate side effects

Like all AAS, it cannot be considered the safest medicine and has some of the possible side effects listed in the manufacturer’s instructions. In this case, the usual effect is high estrogenic activity and a tendency to aromatize, and gynecomastia cannot be ruled out. To avoid these negative effects, it is best to add aromatase inhibitors immediately to the steroid drug. The steroid also inhibits the hypothalamic-pituitary nucleus. Gonadotropin must also be delivered to the testicles so that the testicles cannot slow down or stop the production of endogenous hormone.

And always keep in mind that steroids are not recommended to be used for more than the prescribed period, in this case 12 weeks, and even exceeding the average dose causes health problems that must be eliminated.

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